Learning is not aimed solely at academic progress. At the Tombolo Academy, we develop the capacities of our students across the full range of human experiences.   

Tombolo Academy provides an inclusive education framework that enables all twice-exceptional students to be welcomed, accepted, and engaged so that they can participate, achieve and thrive in school and life.  

Tombolo Academy provides its students with a rich and engaging educational program that sets the highest of aspirations for all members of its community, enabling creativity and critical thinking. Equal consideration and responsiveness are afforded to academic and personal growth areas, utilising individual passions as the motivating stimulus. This includes having a robust set of social morals, values and ethical beliefs which enrich the students’ lives, and to those around them.  

Tombolo Academy intends to graduate young people with the skills and competencies necessary for them to navigate their global communities and be successful throughout their lives. They can be confident, compassionate, reliable and resilient, with a positive personal philosophy and a focus on continued growth. 

At Tombolo, there are opportunities for a diversity of students to contribute and collaborate in learning together. We value this diversity and the unique contributions and experiences each student brings to the classroom. This is a vital part of the learning process at our school. 

“It’s important to remember that twice-exceptional children often have extraordinary talents. It’s also important to remember that they face difficulties that could mask those talents.”


  • The Tombolo curriculum is developed and informed by the Australian Curriculum.
  • The learning cycle across all classes is structured around a two-year thematic framework for each subject.
  • Authentic cross-curricular learning opportunities are taken into consideration for all students.
  • A pedagogical process that encourages and enables the students to envelop quick success, regular and purposeful formative/summative assessment & positive and meaningful academic outcomes.
  • Small class sizes, higher Teacher/Teaching Assistant ratio to students
  • Incursions, excursions and experiential learning to build resilience and perseverance – transferrable skills that seamlessly transfer into the learning environments