Enhancements to our Learning Environment

We are excited to share some illustrations of the new spaces being created for our students across the Christmas break.

These images have been created by our architects and designers, Genton – Architecture and Urban Design.

Andrew Henderson, our Project Manager from the Candor Group, has been integral to the funding application and the ongoing progress.

To embrace the boundless potential in each twice-exceptional student requires learning environments that expand and contract to suit the individual skillsets and abilities.

At Tombolo Academy, we are creating new spaces that allow for the fluid nature of the learning process.

New ‘thinking’ spaces that spill out into the shared corridor, flexible partitions to create smaller ‘learning nooks’ within each classroom to enhance students sensory experience.

New tactile wall surfaces that act like canvases and a new calming colour palette that embrace Tombolo Academy’s identity are some of the new enhancements coming to the school.

You may have also heard we are naming the different rooms after Australian wildlife: Echidna, Koala, Platypus and the Lorikeet Art Room.

These renovations to our learning environment are part of our $1.2 million commitment to enhance our campus. The Victorian Schools Building Authority funded part of this project under the 2021-22 capital funding program for non-government schools.

The majority of the internal renovations will be completed during the school holidays. The whole renovation project is aimed to complete by March 2022.

The architects and builders are already onsite, and we are excited to see the transformation over the next six weeks.

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