Resilience on Ice ⛸

On Tuesday 29th November, Tombolo students embarked on an exciting excursion to the O’Brien Ice Hockey Arena. As we arrived at the rink, we could see the eagerness on our students’ faces. But first, they needed to be fitted with the necessary gear, including knee and arm pads, padded shorts and tops.

Despite the long wait to get equipped, our students showed incredible patience. They put on their gear, including knee and arm pads, padded shorts and tops, and got to work. It was impressive to see how they quickly adapted to the new environment and challenged themselves to improve. It was a great reminder of their resilience and determination.

The students were split into teams and faced off against each other in a friendly ice hockey match. The final score was 3-1, but the real standout was the students’ behaviour. They were patient and supportive of each other, even when they couldn’t skate as well as their teammates.

Overall, the excursion to the O’Brien Arena was a huge success. Our students showed their incredible character and perseverance, and we couldn’t be prouder. Well done, Tombolo students!